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Outfit of the Day

(Sorry for the awful quality of this. My Macbook usually takes decent photos but this ones a bit iffy). No stripes today ^-^ 

Tie Dye Crop Top, under £15, Skull and Bones Boys Club

This is an old crop from a couple years back now, around the time when SABBC first really came to light and now they’ve just exploded and gone from strength to strength. (I’ll do a proper write up about SABBC in a couple of days because they’re just too fantastic and hardworking to put into a little paragraph). Anyways this was an old season shirt so isn’t available now but they do have a new collection out called Menace To Sobriety and have only bloody gone and started selling pint glasses as part of the bundle with it. They do release quite a few bits of tie dye so just follow them and keep a look out 

Light Before Dark Super High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Black, £55, Urban Outfitters

'Hologram' Heart Round Sunglasses, £5, Urban Outfitters

Bought these sunglasses last year thinking they were ACTUALLY holographic but they arrived and they’ve basically just got reflective heart stickers stuck on, which although was a massive disappointment, they still look alright on. For a fiver you can’t really complain but i’m still on the look out for a good pair of holographic sunglasses. 

Here’s a few pairs/ shops selling them that I’ve found so far: 

3D Hologram Sunglasses, Giant Vintage

Unique Hologram Shades, $7.50, The Cobra Shop

90’s Vintage Eagle Shades, £7.22, ShopHeadToToeVintage 

Vintage 90’s All Seeing Eye Giftset - Sunglasses, Choker, Pin, £12.00, PenelopeMeatloaf


  July 22, 2014 at 08:35pm

Anonymous asked: You should do outfit of the day every day :)

I’m going to start (: xx

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  July 20, 2014 at 06:13pm

♡ Etsy Love ♡

. Penelope Meatloaf .

Since discovering I don’t have to use Paypal to purchase things on Etsy, I’ve been on a mad one discovering little stores and compiling a list of all the things I can buy come payday. I came across Penelope Meatloaf this morning when I saw the Best Friends barf pins on the site and straight away knew I needed to get them for Laura and I, clicked on the main store page and I was in heaven.

I love the illustrations created by LA store owner Penelope Gazin - whose worked with the likes of Vice, Spin, Burger Records, Jansport and thats just to name a few. Her vintage horror inspired designs are made into prints, shirts, badges and other little knick knacks available on the store alongside a range of jewelry and fantastic sunglasses! My favourite pair are the AntiChrist “Singlasses” which come in a round cat eye style with an upside down cross (available in black and tortoise/leopard - ): but unfortunately the black has sold out! )

With every Etsy order coming with a free surprise gift, various promotions available and a wider range on the main website, I don’t know how well my bank account is going to look after this splurge…

Here’s just a few of my favourite things from Penelope Meatloaf:

AntiChrist “Singlasses’, £16.76, PenelopeMeatloaf

Feeling Feelings 1.25” Glow in the Dark Pin, £1.35, PenelopeMeatloaf

Clementine Round Cut Out Metal Sunglasses, £16.76, PenelopeMeatloaf

BAD BITCH CLUB Magnified Beauty Mirror, £4,49, PenelopeMeatloaf

BEST FRIENDS BARF Glow in the Dark Pins (set of 2), £2.10, PenelopeMeatloaf


etsy: PenelopeMeatloaf

website: Penelope Meatloaf

instagram: @penelopegazin 

facebook: PenelopeMeatloaf

tumblr: penelopemeatloaf

  July 16, 2014 at 05:32pm


Just had Pocket2~D2 start following me on Instagram and after a quick browse through their stuff, I can’t wait until payday hurries up!! LOVE the Orca tee so much I feel its only right I get it in both colours and the Drown backpack is gorgeous. Can only name a handful of companies that do decent, on trend backpacks and this is now going to be one of them. 

The brand was started in Autumn 2012 by Jesse Higson and Charlotte Stobbs after they’d decided they’d had enough of purchasing from mediocre high street brands. In order to get the items they really wanted they would have to push things one step further and create it themselves.

With a £40 deposit each and a sewing machine they set about producing a small run of Star Wars themed pocket shirts and laying down the foundations for the brand. With a positive response through social media and word of mouth this small run sold out almost instantaneously. 

Reinvesting the initial profits and their time back into the business, several more items were released with rapid success. Using their bedroom to run all operations they set about creating every product themselves; growing and perfecting the trade as they went along. 

Pocket2-D2 had truly begun. 

Fast forward 1 year and Pocket2-D2 have made global sales, collaborated with artists and distributors and been featured in FRONT magazine. In late 2013 Pocket2-D2 announced they would be adopting Sunken Clothing from their good friends who were leaving the trade. This meant a widened product range which was received with a great response. 

By now it was time to harvest the rewards of a year’s hard work and Pocket2-D2 set out to Australia for a 4 week vacation, using this lifetime experience to market their brand and plan for 2014. As things stand right now, things are looking very good. A new range is being worked on with increased variety and Pocket2-D2 is soon to be stocked by retailers around the world. 

Here’s a quick list of a few of my faves:

Drown Backpack (Navy), £22.99, Pocket2~D2

Orca (Black), £14.99, Pocket2~D2

Orca (Grey), £14.99, Pocket2~D2

Star Wars Comic Strip (Grey), £14.99, Pocket2~D2

Crystal Blue Print (designed by Connor Tyler), £7.99, Pocket2~D2

Some valid codes are also available to enter at the checkout to get a cheeky little discount:
CHEERS - 10% off next purchase
UKSHIP - Free UK delivery on all orders over £25



instagram: @pocket2d2 

tumblr: pocket2d2



  July 14, 2014 at 06:23pm

Found out I can buy things on Etsy without having to use Paypal (as my card/account no longer works on there).

This is the best thing to happen to me/worst thing to happen to my bank account.

  July 12, 2014 at 11:42pm

dropdeadclothingco / dropdeadclothing jeans fit amazingly well! (Although now through corseting my waist is smaller than a size 10 waist line I’ve got to belt up :/)

  July 12, 2014 at 07:21pm

😸 @dropdeadofficial #dropdead

  July 11, 2014 at 09:48pm

@dropdeadofficial denim sale. £60 down to £20 👌 perfect #kissourbutts

  July 08, 2014 at 11:56am

Morning ☼

  July 08, 2014 at 09:47am

Ahh I love it so much!!!!

  July 04, 2014 at 12:00am