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London bound <3

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The skirt featured in my previous post is new season H&M in Divided Red.

It’s one of the first skirts i’ve purchased from H&M that doesn’t ride up after 5 minutes. Managed to complete a 9 hour shift of moving around constantly and it held down (:

Aim to try on a size up from what you are; I’m usually a size 10 but found it a struggle getting over my bum so settled on a size 12. Instead of having the wraparound in the middle, I find it looks better to the side.

If you’re wanting to find this exact skirt in a store near you instead of waiting on delivery, the details are:

Divided Red

Season 0


order code: 516080

Checkered Wraparound Skirt, 14.99, H&M

(: x


After 8 days off, attending Hevy Festival and a multitude of dramas, including a jacket potato fiasco (check my instagram @millyamy), I got severely side tracked but I’m back and am going to be updating tonight with various things (:

Outfit of the Day

So the good weather has decided to take a backseat and out comes the long sleeves and umbrellas again. Don’t really mind that though - I much prefer the season for big cable knits and boyfriend coats as opposed to dressing for the ridiculous heat and still end up sweating your nut off.

Long Sleeve Stripe, under £10, Atmosphere - Primark

Although Primark don’t have a website in which you can purchase from, this shirt is a very basic long sleeve and I would be very surprised if they didn’t have it or have one similar in store now - especially as most brands are now gearing up to release their Autumn/Winter collections. Owing to working in a newly appointed flagship branch of H&M, it gets really busy and really hot..REALLY fast! Tying shirts into a knot at the front is just an everyday thing now..and for some reason I feel more comfortable wearing a crop that way.

Here are some little substitutes (crop and longsleeve):

Black Stripe Long Sleeve Jersey Crop Top, was £14 now £7, Dorothy Perkins

Fenn Wright Manson Sindy Stripe Top, was £70 now £19, John Lewis

Black Stripe Bardot Crop Top, £16, River Island

Black Stripe Rib V Neck Long Sleeve, £14, River Island

Jersey Top, £6.99, H&M

Light Before Dark Super High Rise Skinny Jeans in Black, £55, Urban Outfitters

Black Lace Shoes, £19.99, H&M - link back to previous post here

* Bacon Roll sponsored by Sainsburys


  August 02, 2014 at 11:30am

Outfit of the Day

My mum always said wearing black was a phase I’d grow out of.

She’s still waiting for that day.

Long Sleeve Grey Maxi Dress, £8 (charity shop find), Kookaï

For £8 this was a brilliant find considering most of their current dresses go for £40+ - another reason why I love charity and vintage shops. It’s not the thickest of material so wearing it out in this heat isn’t too bad - havent turned into a sweltering mess just yet.

As it is a dress from a couple of years ago, I’ve found a few substitutes like it:

ASOS Tall EXCLUSIVE Short Sleeve Maxi with Side Split, was £25 now £18.50, ASOS.COM

Larysa Long Sleeve Jersey Maxi in Black, was £14.99 now £7.50,

Low Back Fitted Bodycon Maxi by Rare, £35,

Candice Side Split Slinky Maxi, £15,

Susan Long Sleeve Midi, £12,

Backpack, Sainsburys (previous post here)

Sunglasses, Penelope Meatloaf (previous post here)

Phone Case - custom design, Mr Nutcase


  July 29, 2014 at 11:30am

Outfit of the Day

One of the few dresses I have that hasn’t shrunk, rides up or fits weirdly due to wearing my corset underneath. 

ASOS Cami Dress in Orchard Print, was £28 Now £19,

One of the few items in my OOTD that is ACTUALLY available - and it’s on sale! Fit’s like a dream and perfect for hot summer days, especially if you struggle to move away from the colour black like me. Very stretchy jersey fabric with a body con fit so if you’ve got a bust like mine you don’t have to wear a bra with it and can have no fear of anything popping out (:

Platform Sneakers, £14.99, H&M

The slightly annoying thing about H&M shoes is that they don’t do a size 7, only 7.5 so if you have big feet like me this will annoy you too but I bought them anyways and you soon don’t notice the extra half size - I always wear mine with socks anyway so it pads them out a little. 

The above link is for the ones i’m wearing but i’ve added a couple more variations they have on their site and in store, including new colours and fabrics:

Patterned Platform Sneakers, £14.99, H&M

Platform Sneakers in Velvet (green but in store come in black and burgandy), £14.99, H&M

Backpack, £18, Sainsburys

Sainsburys?! YES! SAINSBURYS! They’ve actually gone and made something good on trend (: It’s a drawstring backpack with a popper flat over the top and a small pocket on the front of the bag. Annoyingly when I opened it yesterday the fabric is falling apart already, and i don’t keep a lot in mine - just make up, purse and lunch (and a few cheesy Jeremy Kyle-esque magazines) so pretty disappointed that it’s fallen apart this quickly.

It’s not on their website and when I found it instore it was the last one left so here’s a couple links for similar ones around the same price - i’m thinking of investing in a new one seeing as this ones a bit shoddy already:

Aztec Canvas Rucksack, £16.80,

Black Aztec Print Contrast Zip Top Backpack, was £19.99 Now £12.00, New Look

Tribal Rucksack, £23.58, TaTonYon - Esty

Canvas Backpack, £13.30, photolifestyle - Etsy

The Dangerous Kitty Dagger “SinGlasses”, £16.93, PenelopeMeatloaf

*clementines sponsored by Asda/ Chocolate Mousse sponsored by WeightWatchers 

  July 27, 2014 at 11:01am

Thanks to the wonderful penelopemeatloaf / penelopegazin for my lovely little package!

  July 24, 2014 at 11:06am

Outfit of the Day

(Sorry for the awful quality of this. My Macbook usually takes decent photos but this ones a bit iffy). No stripes today ^-^ 

Tie Dye Crop Top, under £15, Skull and Bones Boys Club

This is an old crop from a couple years back now, around the time when SABBC first really came to light and now they’ve just exploded and gone from strength to strength. (I’ll do a proper write up about SABBC in a couple of days because they’re just too fantastic and hardworking to put into a little paragraph). Anyways this was an old season shirt so isn’t available now but they do have a new collection out called Menace To Sobriety and have only bloody gone and started selling pint glasses as part of the bundle with it. They do release quite a few bits of tie dye so just follow them and keep a look out 

Light Before Dark Super High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Black, £55, Urban Outfitters

'Hologram' Heart Round Sunglasses, £5, Urban Outfitters

Bought these sunglasses last year thinking they were ACTUALLY holographic but they arrived and they’ve basically just got reflective heart stickers stuck on, which although was a massive disappointment, they still look alright on. For a fiver you can’t really complain but i’m still on the look out for a good pair of holographic sunglasses. 

Here’s a few pairs/ shops selling them that I’ve found so far: 

3D Hologram Sunglasses, Giant Vintage

Unique Hologram Shades, $7.50, The Cobra Shop

90’s Vintage Eagle Shades, £7.22, ShopHeadToToeVintage 

Vintage 90’s All Seeing Eye Giftset - Sunglasses, Choker, Pin, £12.00, PenelopeMeatloaf


  July 22, 2014 at 08:35pm

Anonymous asked: You should do outfit of the day every day :)

I’m going to start (: xx

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  July 20, 2014 at 06:13pm