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Got that “burning-down-churches-and-sipping-piña-coladas” theme going on today.

Wearing something with pink on?!

What’s going on?!!?!

Love my new boots from ASOS 😍😍

Another month, another hotel* (this time it’s Lenny Henry’s**)

*not in an escort/prozzie way, I do music clubby night band things
**not shagging Lenny Henry

Goffy goff goff.

oversized sweaters are comforting when you’re feeling pensive. 

new dress!

♡link to dress♡


tried blogspot/blogger but they suck, tumblrs much nicer to customise so here’s a 3rd blog i decided to make where i’ll post make up, reviews, clothes, all instagram pics will be linked to it etc etc so go give it a follow. i’ll still have this one and my photography one (which needs to be updated)


For any girls who, like me, prefer wearing soft bras to wired, padded or any other form of breast dungeon, I would strongly recommended Cheap Monday. They do a fantastic range of clothing, especially their lingerie. Lots of nice mesh and lace bras for really good prices. 

This one is the Cheap Monday Triangle Mesh Bra, £14,

It is by far the comfiest bra I own and it does add abit more support compared to American Apparel ones. It is see through so do think about what you wear it with (not all of their bras are see through)